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The History Behind Our Logo

The History Behind Our Logo

The NyayoZangu Logo has gone through a few iterations. Over the years, these iterations have always revolved around this idea of the footprints. From the beginning the meaning behind the idea of the footprints pretty much remained the same, even as more elements were being added or removed from the logo. The NyayoZangu Logo has gone through 3 main changes, and in this post, we are going to go through the key factors that encouraged these changes.

Version One

NyayoZangu Logo v1
NyayoZnagu Logo Version 1

The Mark

The Idea of the first iteration of the logo came at about the same time the company was founded. The idea was simple. The actual footprints. At the beginning, the fundamental concept about why the company was named NyayoZangu was that, we want to share our experiences, and by doing so, we would be able to influence others to follow suit, and in the end everyone would be sharing their experiences. We believed that if everyone shared their experiences then the world would be a better place. As said in the immortal words of Isaack Newton:

“If I have seen further it is by standing on the shoulders of Giants.”

The Font

We wanted the logo to be simple, but also be able to communicate these values of sharing experiences and opportunities with people. We also wanted it to have a bit of a traditional feel, to achieve this, we used the font Pyrus (Mind you this was still back in the days, when Pyrus was still a cool font ;);) ).

Version Two

NyayoZangu Logo Version 2

Things We Maintained

We really connected with the original logo, and decided there were some things that we wanted to retain. We wanted the idea of the footprints to remain, and we liked the feel of the font. So we decided to keep those two things.


It didn’t take long before realizing that the first version of the logo was a bit boring, and lacked character. By this time, we were connecting with a lot of clients from the art industry. We felt that the logo needed to speak more to the clients we were serving, and so we made a few changes to the mark, and the placement of the elements of the logo. The Brand Mark now changed the positions of the prints, such that it looked as though these prints were left by someone in motion. This was the first time the idea of motion was integrated into the brand. We didn’t just want to leave prints behind for others to follow, we also wanted to make sure that the brand had a sense of direction and motion. With this new logo, we were saying, we are sharing experiences, but were also moving, and we are moving forward. What we liked from this change was the fact that we accomplished what we aimed at, in communicating with the niche market that we were serving at the time.

Version Three

NyayoZangu Logo Version 3

New Friends

Our latest iteration of the Logo, also took inspiration from the direction that the company was moving. We had started to enter into more corporate space. The majority of the clients we were serving were corporate clients. We understood that the language of our beloved artisans was not shared in the corporate space.

The Biggest Change

Despite the change in tone, we still wanted to maintain the core elements from the previous versions, we wanted to maintain the idea of sharing experiences, from the first version, but also the newly acquired ideas of motion and direction from the second version. What we did then, was to trim down the freehand, arty feel from the later version. With this came one of the biggest changes to the brand which was an update to the typography. We adopted a new, cleaner, and more subtle typeface; NOW. We felt the Now font was pretty suitable for us, because of the look and feel but also because of the double meaning embedded. With this new font we wanted to say, we are sharing experiences, we are in motion, we have direction, but also that all this is happening right now, that we care about what is happening around us, that we are capturing these amazing moments happening around us. We felt this went hand in hand with our use of the ‘family’ language, our colleagues were our camilt, our clients were our friends, and with this new font, we were saying that we care about them, and we cherish these moments we get to build tomorrow together.

The New Element

As we ventured into this new aesthetic, we felt we needed to add something to our brand in order to communicate some more nuanced ideas. At this time we had started working on our Brand Strategy Services, and were learning a bunch about branding, and how to build good brands, enter the NyayoZangu Orange. Before this we were mainly blackand white, and the idea behind it was deliberate, we were communicating raw data. Black and white were such powerful colors in communicating what we were trying to communicate before. However we had arrived at an impasse, moving forward we needed a middle ground which would carry us to the next phases of our evolution, and so the new color joined the family. This new color was to communicate our enthusiasm for knowledge, our curiosity for the unknown, our values for freedom, and expression.


Well, there you have it, a brief history about where our logo came from. We love this history, because it does a good job of reminding us where we came from, and in many ways, tells us about where we are going. And we are excited, we know there might be more changes coming, and we welcome them as we continue to share experiences and opportunities.