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About MadukaYetu

About MadukaYetu

MadukaYetu makes it easy to discover businesses online by indexing Businesses, Products and Services. 

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Why MadukaYetu

NyayoZnagu is a Creative Digital Agency that focuses on Brand Strategy and Digital Presence Management. After we started working on our brand strategy and digital presence management services, it was very clear early on that our target customers were mainly Medium sized businesses. This is because Micro and Small Enterprises, in many cases did not have teh budget to afford the premium branding and digital presence management services.

Being the problem solvers that we are, we immediately saw an opportunity to  explore a solution that might be able to service these groups that could not afford the services we offered, because in the end we really believe that any business, regardless of the size, should be able to have a healthy digital presence, especially considering the times that we are living in.

When looking for a solution, keywords kept coming back to us:


This solution needed to make it easy for people to find businesses online. One of the challenges we found was that it is very challenging to find businesses by doing a simple search online. The main reason for this is because most content online prioritizes English as the main search language hence makes it difficult for the local businesses that are primarily in Swahili. MadukaYetu makes it easy to discover local businesses, and their Products and Services. We managed to do this by being able to index the businesses that are signed up on the platform. This makes it so that more relevant content can be available online in swahili.


We have taken a holistic approach in making sure the online shopping experience mirrors our real shopping habits. We believe in simplicity, and this is the mindset that we put behind the designing of this platform. We noticed that many local digital products fail to serve the local market because of not being able to understand the cultural nuance that exists as a difference between the popular platforms that are present and developed from abroad which fail to serve the local community. We tried to go back to the basics to incorporate the local mindset to these digital tools. 


MadukaYetu learns what you like and makes smart recommendations for you. These smart recommendations are supposed to help you navigate the large pool of products and services that are currently present on the platform. The platform automatically tracks how the users use the platform, and takes cues from the products you like, products and shops you save under your profile and more. 

What You Can Do

MadukaYetu is both for sellers and buyers. It’s a place for businesses to find new customers and for buyers to discover new businesses and their offerings in products and services. There are many features that come built into the platform that make it easy to use the platform.

Create Your Shop

Create your own shop in just a few clicks, and give your customers a new way to get in touch with you. We offer an easy to use interface to create your shop in very few easy steps. The platform also goes ahead and picks up some key information and generates methods to match it with other similar shops that offer similar services. 

After you create your shop you can start adding products to your shop, and the products are then instantly available to the public, after review, and are then indexed by Google and other Search Engines to be made available through search.

Explore Products And Services

Explore a wide selection of locally available products and services, specially curated for you with our Powerful Smart Recommendation System. There are many ways of exploring these businesses, products and services. Some of these include:

MadukaYetu Search Page

There’s a glocal search button accessible from any page on the platform. You can search for different items from the products and services offered to the merchants that offer the services. On top of that, in case you are not sure what to search for, there are some recommendations that are selected for you to get started.

When you find something interesting, you will notice that there will be related items that share some similarities to the item you are looking at. 

MadukaYetu New Shops and Products


All shops, products and businesses are tagged with keywords, some of these keywords are generated automatically based on the information that was produced when creating the products and the shops, and some of the tags are also manually added by the vendors based on the keywords that they want to be identified by.


There is a full page dedicated to narrow down our search to locations around the country. You can select the region that you reside in to see the products, services and vendors available in the given location. You can also widen the search and view different regions around the country.

MadukaYetu Locations Page

Contact Merchants Directly

There’s no road-block to you reaching the service provider. With just one click, you can contact the merchant with a Phone call, SMS, WhatsApp, Instagram and more. Once you find something you have been looking for, or you have stumbled on something that you need to get more information from the supplier for, you can easily pick your preferred method of communication, and reach out to the shop. Different shops offer different complementary services such as online payments, deliveries, cash on delivery, and more, thus by communicating directly with the shop, you can negotiate with the merchant before reaching your agreements with them.

Incase you haven’t noticed this is the preferred way of dealing with merchants locally. We have basically taken the offline experience in physical stores, and digitized the process, to minimize the learning curve for both consumers and vendors.

How To Get Started

MadukaYetu is currently available as a WebApp as well as on the Google Play Store.

Visit the Web app on your browser.

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Download the mobile app from the Google Play Store.

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Who We Are

MadukaYetu was proudly made by NyayoZangu. We are a tech startup based in Mwanza, Tanzania. We believe it’s due time we have the modernized, digitized version of the Yellow Pages. We have built MadukaYetu to help digitize the average local business owner and make it easy for people to get in touch with local businesses.