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The Philosophy of Friends And Family

The Philosophy of Friends And Family

If you’ve been around NyayoZangu, chances are you have heard the term the NyayoZangu Family, being tossed around here and there. And if you have heard it, then there’s a good chance you are wondering why it is so, what is this Family that keeps being mentioned. Well today is your lucky day, because we are gonna dig up the old files to explore the philosophy behind the family.

Our core statement

The NyayoZangu motto, if you will, simply states,

“Sharing Experiences and Opportunities”

We believe that if everyone just started sharing their experiences, and opportunities with everyone else, then the world would be a better place. This is our core belief. That everyone can be empathetic about each other, and in this, we can learn to appreciate one another and love and care for one another, and eventually help one another.

Making Friends

As we were gathering together to create what is now NyayoZangu, we found that in everyone who shared our core belief, there was a friend. We found a sense of community in everyone that shared this idea of just being open to share skills, and knowledge with each other. During this process we found that we were not merely recruiting staff, and colleagues, but rather, something more was happening, we were making friends. As the days went on and the company grew, we found that these friendships we had built were also growing, so much so, that in the end, we were more of a family in every sense of the word. We cared about what was happening in each other’s lives, we experienced things together, we celebrated weddings, we mourned together at funerals, we visited each other, and fellowshipped with one another. We celebrated each other’s victories and encouraged each other in times of hardships.

The Extended Family

After experiencing this internally, we noticed that the same could be said about the people that we served, the clients that we worked with and partnered. We realized that these relationships were not merely transactional. There was something common among each of the clients that we came together with, they too stood for something, they too had vision and insight. We then shared with them our experiences and they did the same with us, and together we grew. Over time it was evident that these clients were not just people we closed deals with, but that these clients were actually our loving friends.

Wanting The Best For A Friend

Once we acquired this mindset, the rest was a walk down the park. We knew that we wanted our family and friends to succeed, we knew that whatever we did was for the good of our relationship. Granted, such relationships are not without fault, a quarrel here and there, a rubbing of the old sheet of iron to sharpen each other. But in the end, it was all so that we can all thrive. With this mantra, we would run every decision through this test to decide our next steps.

Our simple question would alway be ‘What would a friend do…?’.