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Internet Penetration in Tanzania

We have recently been interested in understanding the online space with respect to Tanzania. So we started off by looking internet penetration in the country, and interestingly enough we found that internet usage has risen over the past 8 years, from just 12% of the population using the internet back in 2011 to over 43% in 2018. Accounting for the population increase during this period which went from 47 Million in 2011 to almost reaching 60 Million in 2018, this means only over 5.5 Million Tanzanians had access to the internet back in 2011 and this has risen to over 23 Million people going online in 2018. This basically means that in just over 8 years, internet usage in terms of the number of people online has increased by over 18 Million People.

Internet penetration in Tanzania reached 43% in 2018, with 48.77% of the mobile phone subscribers were using the internet. This is to say, out of 43.62 million mobile subscribers at least 23.14 million were internet users. However, at least 22.28 million internet users were using mobile wireless while 43.49 subscribers used mobile phones, according to a fourth quarterly communication statistics published by the Tanzania Communications Regulatory Authority (TCRA)


The Citizen

The article goes into great detail to show data shared by the Tanzanian Communications Regulatory Authority (TCRA), do read for more info.

We found ourselves asking a common question, so what does it all really mean?

The simple answer, we found, is that this is a clear sign that market place is definitely moving online. Granted, 43% means that there is over 57% of the population that is still not connected to the internet, but with the rise, we've seen over time between 2011 and 2018, as well as the World Bank population projections of 137 Million by 2050, the future is quite promising...

The other question we asked ourselves is, what are Tanzanians doing online exactly, a question that we reserve for another day...

Thanks for reading, stay tuned...


Mwanza, Tanzania


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