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[New Video] We Are Back

Hello everyone so we have some good news for you it's been a while since the last time we made our last video and we have been taking some time off to try and see whether or not there is a better way of doing our videos.

We were very happy to hear from everyone that the videos that we made were transformation in your lives and so we decided that moving forward we have to be careful about the kind of content that we produce.

And so we took some time off wintergreen the lot of studies went and did a little research and finally we feel like we are ready to move on with producing the different content on our channel.

We noticed that during our time of our subscriber count went up by 50,this was indication to us that the different content that will produce was actually transformation even during the time we were away.

movie ford you will notice that there will be some differences in the way we do things some differences in the kind of taste that are videos have.this is mainly to make the content better the messaging better and the delivery better.

We really hope you will enjoy our new videos, we hope we can produce a new video every week.