• Sean

The Marketplace

I remember watching this talk by Jim Rohn a few years ago. There was a concept that he mentioned that didn't make much sense to me at the time:

"We do not get paid based off of who we are we get paid based on the value that we bring to the marketplace"

Honestly speaking this didn't make much sense to me at the time but then overtime once, I started getting into the marketplace with different business ideas that I had, I quickly realised that it doesn't really matter what kind of a person I am, after going to market with my products and my ideas I quickly realised that there was something more it play.

I did some research in understanding exactly how things get valued and how I could create more value for myself, I finally stumbled upon this quote again, however this time I had a very different perspective on it it didn't take me long to understand that the marketplace first values people based off of the actual value that they bring to the marketplace.

After knowing this, I quickly had to change my ways, I quickly understood that if I continued with the mindset that I had with regards to how much value I have, then I would not be able to perform in the marketplace, I found that the best approach is to actually work with the marketplace, understand what kind of value the marketplace requires, understand what is the gap inside the marketplace, understand the demand and become the supply.


Mwanza, Tanzania


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