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We are constantly looking for solutions to different problems we encounter.


MadukaYetu is an online platform that makes it easy for businesses to go online. By doing so, it makes it easy for buyers to find products and services available locally.

Why You Should Try MadukaYetu


MadukaYetu makes it easy to discover local businesses, and their Products and Services.


We have taken a holistic approach in making sure the online shopping experience mirrors our real shopping habbits.


MadukaYetu learns what you like and makes smart recommendations for you.

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NyayoZangu Learn

The code we live by is 'Sharing Experiences and Opportunities', in this spirit we developed the Learning platform, where we share different content that aims at helping small businesses succeed in the marketplace.

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NyayoZangu Merch

We are rolling out some cool merchandise, so you can also be part of the NyayoZangu Family.