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Building Connections: NyayoZangu Learn August 25th Feature Update

Hello there,

In this article, we will cover some critical updates on the latest NyayoZangu Learn version. We have been working on making things more stable and some requested features. This is to make the experience of using the platform more fluid and friendly.

Focus: Connected lines

Let’s get started by exploring the Focus for this update. The main focus of this update was Connection. Our vision for Learn is for it to be a space of connection. We are all about sharing Experiences and Opportunities. This is our motto here at NyayoZangu suggests. In doing so, we also wish to bring people together. We wish to help people connect with each other as they learn from each other. This new update was focused at building these connections in a number of ways.

Here are some changes you will notice when you get on the platform:

Follow Your Instructor

Now you can follow an instructor from their instructor page. When you open the instructor’s page, you will find a newly-added ‘Follow’ Button which you can now click to make sure that the recommendations about courses that you get will be based on the instructors that you follow.

Instructor: Raphael Lyela's Profile Page on Learn
Instructor: Raphael Lyela’s Profile Page on Learn

Follow The Category

In addition to Following the instructors, we get there are some categories that you find more interesting to you than others, and because of that, we have now added a function to follow the categories that you are interested in. To do this, you simply go to the category that you wish to follow, and simply click the newly-added follow button on the page below the description.

When you follow a category, we will be able to recommend courses and courses that are more related to the categories that you follow.

Parenting Course on NyayoZangu Learn
Parenting Course on NyayoZangu Learn

Instructors Are Socials

Some of the feedback we have been getting from you is how you would like to know more about the instructors you are learning from. This has also been the case among the instructors, they are interested in sharing more about the things they do outside of Learn. because of this, we have added a new socials button on the instructor’s profile, to give you access to the instructors’ presence across the web.

NyayoZangu's Instructor Profile on NyayoZangu Learn
NyayoZangu’s Instructor Profile on NyayoZangu Learn

Minor Bug Fixes & Performance Improvements

As always, with each update, there are some changes that we make to each update that is fairly minor and might not deserve a full-on introduction, but they are more to help increase the overall user experience on the platform. A few examples on this update include:

  • Copy updates on the study page.
  • Updates on how to record views on courses.
  • SEO updates to headers so that preview links can preview more information.
  • Fixed vertical image sizes on mobile devices.

And that’s a wrap for this one. We are constantly updating the platform and are listening to what you have to say about the platform. We would like to thank everyone who has been a part of this journey with us. We really appreciate it. We really hope that this update will be able to achieve what it was meant to achieve, a sense of connection among each other as we share Experiences and Opportunities,

God bless!