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  • makosa ma5 kwenye kuanzisha biashara

    Makosa Ma5 Kwenye Kuanzisha Biashara

    Kuna tafiti ilifanyika kuhusu maisha ya biashara ndogo, majibu yaliyo toka yalionyesha kwamba 98% za biashara zina kufa ndani mwaka mmoja baada ya kuanzishwa. Haya ni baadhi ya makosa yanayo fanyika wakati wa kuanzisha biashara hizi.

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  • Nguvu Ya Mnunuzi na Muuzaji

    Kwenye biashara kuna nguvu zinazo husika kwenye kuamua ni nani kati ya mnunuzi au muuzaji ndio ana ushawishi zaidi juu ya mwenzake.

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  • Social Media Presence In Tanzania

    Social Media Presence In Tanzania

    one was to leave Tanzania around the year 2010 and come back in 2021, there would be many things that this individual would have to get used to. Among these things, Social Media Presence in Tanzania would definitely be among the top of the list. This is to say that the transformation that has happened within a decade in Tanzania in this space is enormous.

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  • Our New Website

    We are so excited to share with you all our new website. On our journey of self discovery and growth, we are always happy to be able to share with you the different stages that we go through, because we always believe that by sharing our experiences and opportunities, there’s always a chance that, just as we were encouraged to embark on this journey, someone out there will be inspired to take embark on their own journeys.

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  • The History Behind Our Logo

    The NyayoZangu Logo has gone through a few iterations. Over the years, these iterations have always revolved around this idea of the footprints. From the beginning the meaning behind the idea of the footprints pretty much remained the same, even as more elements were being added or removed from the logo. The NyayoZangu Logo has gone through 3 main changes, and in this post, we are going to go through the key factors that encouraged these changes.

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  • About MadukaYetu

    MadukaYetu makes it easy to discover local businesses, and their Products and Services.

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  • The Philosophy of Friends And Family

    If you’ve been around NyayoZangu, chances are you have heard the term the NyayoZangu Family, being tossed around here and there. And if you have heard it, then there’s a good chance you are wondering why it is so, what is this Family that keeps being mentioned. Well today is your lucky day, because we are gonna dig up the old files to explore the philosophy behind the family.

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