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Our New Website

Our Journey

Hey Guys, we are so excited to share with you all our new website. On our journey of self discovery and growth, we are always happy to be able to share with you the different stages that we go through, because we always believe that by sharing our experiences and opportunities, there’s always a chance that, just as we were encouraged to embark on this journey, someone out there will be inspired to take embark on their own journeys.

Introducing Our New Website

Our Old Website

So, a little about our old website, we actually loved it, it was an awesome website, it was simple and was actually able to get us a few clients in its heyday.

What We Liked About The Old Website

  • Had great loading speeds.
  • Used Illustrations for visual communication.
  • Used a question-answer format which made the experience easy for visitors.

What Could Be Improved

Despite it being an awesome website, there were a few things that lacked on that iteration, that we felt could be made better, here are a some of them;

  • It didn’t include our new services like Brand Strategy.
  • It didn’t showcase the projects that we had done.
  • It didn’t showcase the list of clients that we had worked with.
  • It did not showcase our inhouse products that we had built.
  • It didn’t show more about our brand, values and team.

Our New Website

The idea with creating the new website was to be able to maintain most of what we could form our old website, but also adding improvements on the parts that we felt could be improved. Here are some of the highlights of the new website.

  • We were able to increase the loading times of the website.
  • We maintained the use of illustration as the main visual cues.
  • We ditched the questions-answer format, in place for a better category based format which we felt worked better with the more content on the site.
  • We added the about page which included sections that explored more about the brand, the team, the client (or as we love to put it, Our Friends and Family), and a contact section.
  • We added a full clients page, with a list of all our clients (Friends).
  • We also added a new products page, which included details about our inhouse products such as MadukaYetu, and NyayoZangu Learn.
  • We added a Projects Page, and showcased a few projects that we have done.
  • We were able to double down on the updated brading elements throughout the website.


In the end, this was a true journey, we had to go digging for what we felt would help people understand more about what we do, and we feel that the final product really speaks for itself. We really hope you can take a few minutes to go through the website and let us know what you think about it. And Thank you for being a part of the NyayoZangu family.