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How To Build An Effective Digital Presence

We Are Digital

The year is 2022, almost everyone has a social media account. Twitter and Instagram posts are the new form of news broadcasts. The words “like” and “retweet” have become synonymous with our vast multitude of languages. Some of us can’t even remember the last time we physically wrote something down, now with all the various note-taking apps and voice memo programs. It’s safe to say that the world is on its way to becoming totally digital. This calls for a change in the way that things work, moving from more traditional practices to the new age digital practices we increasingly see being used.

From a business perspective, in this new age there is a need for a digital presence. Essentially this will mean that the business is able to take its position and enter the digital space. This may include creating a social media page, company website, online forums for customers, promotional content as well as other digital tools. Now it sounds like quite a simple process, this digital presence thing? As with all things, there are a few things to consider when building a digital presence. We will focus on a few that a business would be wise to consider when devising its digital strategy.


As with anything, it’s important to start with a plan. What are you trying to achieve? What will creating a digital presence do for you both in the long-term and the short-term? You need to ensure that as you go through the process of building an online presence, there needs to be constant alignment with the goals of your business. When stargazing and mapping out goals a helpful tool one may use is the SMART approach to setting goals. SMART stands for ‘Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant, Time-Bound’ and your goals should reflect this so as to develop a concise, efficient strategy. There should also be consistent racking of your activities so as to gauge your progress as well as keep the central focus.

Create A Solid Digital Foundation

As we mentioned above a business may use different methods to present itself digitally. For most businesses and entrepreneurs, it is advised to start with a website. This website will act as the primary entry into the digital space and will serve as the first point of contact between your business and itsThe elements of the website will include and are not limited to, company background information, contact information, a list of products or services offered, as well as more. The website is where your customers can engage with you and your business and allows for you to attract even more customers through online means.

Generate And Provide Content

When it comes to pleasing the online consumer, it is important to make sure you provide something that is valued as well as consistent. A business can make use of various digital platforms to generate and share content to its existing and potential consumers. Whether it be via a social media page, company blog posts,Youtube and or more, it is essential for a business to generate content in order to appease the digital market. A tip for content, make sure it aligns with your business values as the content you provide will reflect that to your customers. At this stage, a business can also promote content from similar businesses to their own so as to generate value as well as trust amongst its customer base.

Engage With Your Consumers

The beauty of the internet is that it allows for crossovers into multiple platforms at any one given time. You can be on Facebook, whilst on Youtube and Twitter simultaneously and this offers the same advantage with regards to consumer engagement. Consumers are made up of individuals and groups who at their core, simply have needs and interests. These needs and interests are what draw the consumer to the business and the more these consumer requirements are met, the more they will trust and make use of the products and services offered by the business. An advantage of a digital business is its instantaneous nature. Businesses can interact with consumers in real time through various tools such as chat bots, discussion forums, comment boxes as well as video conferencing applications to name a few. The more a business engages with its consumers, the more the business can expand its influence as well as improve on its current progress. This also helps a business build relationships with key stakeholders as well as identify new opportunities sourced from consumer feedback as well as the monitoring of various online activities. It is important to note that a tool like social media, if managed correctly, can be an amazing way to procure potential customers as well as gain and maintain a following online.

Wrapping Up

All in all, with the direction in which the world is going, there is an increasing call to go digital. It is important however, to review the process of building a digital presence and ensure that the steps taken are well strategized and contribute to the growth of the business. Digital presence offers many advantages and opportunities for a business and should be considered when looking to engage with more consumers as well as diversify business practices.